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How to arrange your library in your home design

Don't think, organize or compile the books on the shelves can only be done with a standing position or vertically. Do not also think that the order of the various bookson the shelves were not able to look attractive. Shelves with books lining inside is one way to fill the walls, as well as in order that space does not look empty. More than that, when the book is laid out properly, the whole display will be able to make the room look awesome.

How to like anything that can be done so that the order of the books in the shelveslook pretty? It is not difficult and is not much to be added, the most important benefit from well "faces" cover a wide range of books. Then, take note of a few things below. Happy coding to create the look of a charming book order!

The position became critical in order for the arrangement of the book does not lookboring. The book is commonly placed with the standing position (vertical) or sleep (horizontally). This time, try also combine the preparation position the book on the shelf. Don't worry about the book will look untidy, because basically the modified just how to put down the book. For example, a book can be rearranged to form the letter U (vertical-horizontal-vertical).

Create display shelves more dynamic by combining the various positions of the laying on of the book, whether it's vertical, horizontal, or combine both on all sides of the rack. When one of the spaces in the rack, the book was compiled with the vertical and horizontal position, the book vertically or horizontally on the other part. In addition, when bored with vertical or horizontal position, the book can also be arrangedin diagonal or slanted.

Each section of the shelf is not necessarily filled with books. Put some accessories ordecoration in there so that the display shelves and stacks of books becomes more interesting. Accessories or artwork that can be placed on top of a book compiled inbeds (horizontal). One space on the shelf could also be filled with only the decoration without a book in them so the overall look will be more varied. It also aims to provide a free space. Empty space can be neatly creates the impression in the rack and airy space. So, don't forget to give a bit of empty space on the shelf when styling your book!

Books can be arranged based on many things, the alphabet, the name of the author, or title favorites. Afterwards, the position according to color or height. That way, a row of books can appear more neat, while giving the impression of a well-structured. Compiled by color can be either divide paperback bright and dark, or mrngikuti tint covers. When the altitude, books can be arranged from tallest to smallest or forming a triangle pattern on the upper side of the book.

Best and Worse Color For The Kitchen

The kitchen, just like any other room in the House can be painted or colored with different colors according to the theme and the concept of wanting to be realized. You can be creative with a lot of color and pattern to the new atmosphere while refreshing the look of your home design interior ideas. However, if you intend to sell the home, the following colors are worth considering for applied or replaced in the kitchen of the House.

According to experts in the Zillow Digs, as quoted from housebeautiful, certain colors can affect desire or reducing the intention to buy. What color? The white color is one that should be avoided because of the white color is not too popular among buyers.

The color white is a neutral color that is widely used and popular, but for home buyers who have a busy lifestyle, keep the white kitchen still look clean is difficult enough.

Different case with yellow color. In his report, which records about home 50,000 sold, yellow kitchen, including cream and wheat yellow, sold with the highest price. Other colors are also popular colors is earthy tones, such as sage green or gray.

Everyone surely has a different taste and style. However, there is no harm in makingthis report as one of the opportunity to apply the bold colors in the home, especially in your kitchen. So, what color do you prefer?

Storage Inspiration For Small Bedrooms

The lack of extensive bedroom certainly be obstacles for you in store items as well as collections to favorite. If allowed to continue to pile up, bedroom will look messy and disturbing the comfort while resting. Here is how to maximize small closet space ideas for you.

Present storage (storage) actually do not have to be either a rack or Cabinet. There are many angles and fields that you can process into storage, as it appears in several of the following storage design inspiration.

If the shelves are usually installed stuck to the wall above a bed or on a desk, shelf mounted door Forms follow , so it's as if looking like a framing door. Select color finishing shelf in contrast with the color of a door to create harmonization of colors on space.

If the suspension ceiling was generally used to ' hide ' the lights, then a hanging ceiling process into storage shelves. For example, to put a collection of your favorite book.

Costumised design furniture will help you solve the problem of limited land. For example, by processing the head section of the bed into a place of storage in the form of boxes or shelves to store books.
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