Minggu, 07 Agustus 2016

Storage Inspiration For Small Bedrooms

The lack of extensive bedroom certainly be obstacles for you in store items as well as collections to favorite. If allowed to continue to pile up, bedroom will look messy and disturbing the comfort while resting. Here is how to maximize small closet space ideas for you.

Present storage (storage) actually do not have to be either a rack or Cabinet. There are many angles and fields that you can process into storage, as it appears in several of the following storage design inspiration.

If the shelves are usually installed stuck to the wall above a bed or on a desk, shelf mounted door Forms follow , so it's as if looking like a framing door. Select color finishing shelf in contrast with the color of a door to create harmonization of colors on space.

If the suspension ceiling was generally used to ' hide ' the lights, then a hanging ceiling process into storage shelves. For example, to put a collection of your favorite book.

Costumised design furniture will help you solve the problem of limited land. For example, by processing the head section of the bed into a place of storage in the form of boxes or shelves to store books.
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